This page contains dumps to allow you to create your own keyserver.

  • The below dumps are created by the script.
  • Dumps are created at 8:00 UTC (2am CST)
  • Dumps are created each day of the week.
  • All times below are in the UTC time zone.
  • The script will keep the last 3 days of dumps.
  • See the README.txt file within each dump folder for more information about each build.

FTP Download

You may instead download my FTP server found at

Use the following command:

wget -m -nH --cut-dirs=3

Use the below command to download all the current dump files.

wget -crp -e robots=off -l1 --no-parent --cut-dirs=3 -nH -A pgp,txt
Index of /dump/

Index of /dump/